Grass Court

 Grass Court
Grass Court


  1. David says:

    Should be “grand slam”

  2. Peter west says:

    This is not the answer for this pic. My letters are. (S T L A N A G R M D S A M)
    Help please

  3. Daniel says:

    It is actually grand slam

  4. Barbara says:

    Wrong word or wrong location–come on!

  5. shawn rudeen says:

    mine shows only 9 letters. the first word is 5 letters, and the 2nd word has 4 letters, only letter i ahve is the 3rd letter in the 2nd word and it’s an A

  6. Badlander says:

    Every “cheat” I find for this says the answer is ‘Grass Court’ for level 186. I used two lifelines to remove letters and reveal a letter and this is what I’ve got. 5 letters in the first word with “N” being the 4th letter and 4 letters for the second word. The letters I have left are L A R D A G M S. I’m thinking a software bug?? Any help?

    _ _ _ N _

    _ _ _ _

  7. Kate says:

    Mine has the same sybol but it doesn’t have the same letters. All the sites say Grass Court when mine has 9 letters and only one s no c

  8. Jeneva says:

    The answer for this icon is only nine letters and it is GRAND SLAM. It is also level 190 (if that matters)!?

  9. Graeme says:

    Answer is “grand slam”

  10. Jessann says:

    The answer to this one is wrong.

    The answer is GRAND SLAM

  11. Debbie says:

    Any other answers? mine asks for two words, the first five letters and the second four letters

  12. Kaity says:

    This image came up with only 9 letters and the available letters didn’t support “grass court”

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