Whats The Icon Answers is your definitive guide to solutions in the hit game, What’s The Icon. Every level, update and twist to this mobile app is at your fingertips. This website is devoted to helping you advance through the levels by solving icon dilemnas that have you stuck.

Picture puzzle apps are the latest genre to really gain popularity over the last few months. The purpose of this site is to help you advance to the next level, should you get stuck trying to find the right answer to the icon, brand, logo or character that has been presented before you.

What’s The Icon has spread like wildflower and is a bit different than its predecessors because it actually blurs the image you receive and has you guessing the correct answer, using 13 letters at your disposal.

Besides looking at some of our walkthrough videos, you are also given 3 lifelines : “Ask On Instagram”, “Remove Letters” and “Reveal A Letter”. After each successfully answered level, you are given coins. Once you have amassed coins, you can purchase more lifelines, should you run out.


  1. Terri Houser says:

    level 84 may be incorrect We could not find answers It must be Cub but what?

  2. Terri Houser says:

    Level 86 Babe Ruth? Could not figure or guess who was he?

  3. Brenda L. Steeves says:

    Level 270

  4. Took forever to figure out level 281. Abbey Road.

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Whats The Icon Answers

Do you think you know pop culture? Are you familiar with brand logos, characters, sports teams, TV and movies? If so, then What's The Icon is the game for you. The object is to view obscured icon image from the above categories and more and figure out what the correct answer is. What's The Icon Answers is here to help you if you run into any puzzles that you can't solve. We have the answers to every single level and will help you when you get stuck. Simply search for the icon you need help with, using the level number in the game. Click on the thumbnail of the image and we'll give you the answer!